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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Theatrical Audio Tours at beautiful Ballarat Railway

This year as part of Ballarat Heritage Weekend (great theme of Childhood Memories 1930's to 1960's that Amy has been helping out with!) you can also enjoy these theatrical audio tours created by Weave Length Productions.
Up to 3 adventurers can go at one time, with tours leaving the station Coach House (see image above) every ten minutes.
Head over to trybooking and book a time that suits you over Sat 12th and Sunday 13th between 11 and 5. Alternatively you can try your luck on the weekend and book either at the Mining Exchange or come straight to the Coach House at 202 Lydiard St, just near the railway crossing and car park.

From there you will collect an ipod (in exchange for a valid license or credit card) and be instructed on your journey from helpful Weave Lengthers. The tour will lead you on an individual journey as you wander through the station precinct led by an audio soundscape of instructions, story, song and site history. Local musicians Mick Trembath and Paige Duggan feature in the soundtrack and you will encounter other local visual artists and performers along the way.

Get on board!

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