Cross-artform creations and collaborations

Wings Like Blank Pages Exhibition 2011

In December 2011 Ballarat artists Steph Wallace, Louisa West and Amy Tsilemanis came together to present the exhibition 'Wings Like Blank Pages' at Red Brick Gallery. See a review here.
Amy also conducted an After-hours Artist Talk on January 3rd discussing the documentation of Weave Length theatre shows and the 'life of ideas.' You can listen to an audio work that featured in the exhibition here.

"This is a kind of installation of pieces that aren't all artworks for sale but rather little offerings into some of the places my mind goes when I'm working on a show. This includes ideas, photographs, words and objects from before, during and sometimes the traces after, our Weave Length creations." -Amy Tsilemanis

Amy with works at Artist Talk
Amy Tsilemanis Railway Boxes
Amy, Lou, & Steph with Lou's book art

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